Lagniappe Today Food Truck, Thank You San Antonio

Lagniappe Today Food Truck is now in its fourth week in San Antonio and we are having so much fun. We have new friends who come to Boardwalk on Bulverde (our home port) with their wine and enjoy our menu and other trucks too. Sitting under stars with some wine, Crawfish Etouffee Pistolettes and sharing moments with that special someone is indeed the way to live. San Antonio has given us some beautiful, comfortable evenings at the Boardwalk on Bulverde food truck park.

We are taking the time to make our cuisine authentic and lovable. We use the chicken stock from the chicken we by fresh, real roux from scratch, pistolettes baked in Lafayette, and we are inspired by recipes from chefs, family and friends. Our guests seem to know and appreciate the difference. We have several fans that have been with us nearly every day since opening and we cannot be more proud. We are proud to bring GREAT Food Truck Cuisine  to San Antonio.Lagniappe Today Food Truck SuperBowl San Antonio

We call this effort our ENCORE. After working in education and in the corporate world we are very appreciative  for what is coming our way. We are looking forward to bringing San Antonio our second Jazz Brunch at Boardwalk On Bulverde.

This past Saturday was the first day we ventured away from the food truck park. We headed to Helotes Market Days First Saturday Fair (we will be back) where we served great Authentic Louisiana Cuisine. We capped off this past weekend with a private SuperBowl catering party. We pulled into the driveway and served our Authentic Louisiana Cuisine from the food truck to the guests of the party.

This first month has been AMAZING....

Live. Laugh. Lagniappe. Today.


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